A Brooks Law Employee
A Brooks Law Employee
A Brooks Law Employee

About Brooks Law

In 2003, Joseph E. Brooks envisioned a law firm with the goal of providing aggressive litigation services to his clients.  Assembling a team of attorneys over the last 17 years, that goal of providing effective and reliable representation in the courtroom remains the same.  With expert support staff, more than 45 years of combined experience, and a service-oriented mindset, your legal needs will be met with professionalism, order, and timeliness. Whether Divorce, Family Law, Auto Injury, Employment Law, or any of our other areas of practice, you can rest assured your Brooks Law team will handle your case with confidence.

A Unique Perspective

The attorneys at Brooks Law have represented clients in personal injury, legal, and medical practice across the State of Florida.  However, one of the reasons Brooks Law remains an effective law firm with the ability to obtain the best results for our clients is because we have also represented numerous corporate clients, insurance companies, and doctors throughout the Southeast.  Through this we have learned invaluable lessons that help our clients in every case. This gives us a unique perspective and the ability to anticipate, to be proactive, and to provide aggressive and effective legal representation.

Trial Experience

Over the years attorneys have been going to trial less and less.  However, this often does not achieve the best result for the client.  Because of this, clients seek out our firm when they want the success that trial experience brings.  The attorneys at Brooks Law are highly proficient trial lawyers who have been widely recognized for their experience and success in the courtroom.  Choose an attorney with trial experience who can fully represent your interests from the beginning to the end.

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